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In Song Phat specializing in receiving pp printing: large pp printing, indoor pp printing and outdoor printing cheap but high quality, ensuring the image quality sharp. We have the best price for the large number of customers printing large size.
If hiflex specializes in large format printing, pp is for medium and small size. However, in many applications for decorating the exhibition showroom or large wall paintings, pp printing in large size is being focused.
Different from hiflex, large size printing using high-quality printing paper is white milk color printing ability is very high, the back is thin PVC film. With such a structure, the pp displayed a clear image and the color of the iron was fresh and nearly identical to the print file.

In large size pp with width up to 1.52m and width of 50m makes it easier to carry. If you want to print larger size pp, use the method of file cut and paste resumed this requires technical experience as well as high aesthetic.
If you are in need. Print Hiflex - large size banner, large PP printing, indoor PP printing - Outdoor, UV printing high quality, backdrop, In backlit film, please contact us for best service.

With the modern digital inkjet printer system, professional staffs help to print beautifully to meet the demand of printing large quantities in the shortest time. You will be satisfied with the quality of our products as well as the quality of our services.


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