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In pp is what has become a familiar question of many customers set up for the Company to find out, quality tester made our printing service of the company specifically before ordering. In pp is what our company explained simply: printing images on PP paper 2 non glue and glue.

Glue form is explained so but you still have questions and you want to understand more in pp, please let In Song Phat explain more to you clearly: glue has two types of glue and glue high grade.

You decide to choose our service, you just need to find out what is pp printing, what is pp paper ... you!

PP is an acronym for Polypropylene which is a polymer produced by the polymerization of propylene.

What is the pp printing feature:

High mechanical strength (tear and tear strength), quite firm, not flexible as PE, not stretched so long fibers are made. Special ability to tear easily when there is a cut or a small puncture · Transparent, high gloss surface for high printing capacity, clear print · Colorless PP odorless, tasteless, do not read. PP burns with a light blue flame, has a flexible flow, has a burning odor similar to a rubbery odor.

What is the purpose of pp printing?

PP is also produced as a coating film for multilayer coatings to increase air permeability, water vapor permeability, high tear and tear strength to open the package (due to the presence of a break). high ball. Use PP paper dedicated for digital printing.


Printing paper made of PP for high definition so it is suitable for printing pictures, printing calendars, prints, banner printing, poster printing, printing standee · In the advertising industry, PP is usually used for pp printing. PP posters can be glued. PP resins are available in two types: PP and PP.

Application of pp printing with glue and non-glue pp printing:

PP printing is suitable for pp printing, pp printing, pp printing, pp sticker printing, pp printing, indoor decoration, etc.

Pp printing not used for printing pp standee printing, pp printing pp printing, ppron printing, etc.

In pp there are two types:

1. In pp printing and outdoor pp printing.

- Indoor PP (weather resistant, bluish when water is in contact)

- PP outdoor (with weather, rain, sun)

2. PP printing products are usually seen in:

- Poster, exhibition picture

- Interior decoration pictures

- Calendar decoration

- Wallpaper in the shop (fashion shop, flower shop ...)

- Standee ad ....

- Cabinets, shelves, cabinets, price lists, advertisement templates (fair booths, supermarkets, metro ...)

After printing, it is possible to laminate the film (PE film protects the printing surface): PP screen printing, PP printing and lamination etc. or non-lamination according to customers' requirements.

In Song Phat specializes in indoor pp printing - outdoor with good quality printed in high definition. You need to print pp in the house - outdoors please contact us via hotline: 0939 267 032 for more detailed consultation on services.


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