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Currently, in the field of printing decal, there are two types of offset printing and digital printing is the most popular. Each type of printing has its own strength and quality.
If offset printing requires time to prepare mold and material, and after printing, it is time to wait for the ink to dry, while spending time is quite costly, print digital decal faster, more convenient. And the pattern is much more varied, so this is always the preferred choice.

Previously, the decal printing technology was still limited. It was only used to cut text or make signs and decorations. Thanks to the advanced technology, people can print all the decal pictures and motifs they want with rich colors and applied in many different industries and fields.
White milk decal or decal is a type of adhesive material used in digital printing. Decal is printed in oil ink so it has high color fastness. Decal milk is used in outdoor advertising such as pattern prints, patterns, decorative images, advertising light boxes ...
- Different from decal milk, decal in both sides are transparent so you can print the front or back (reverse printing). The inside decal is also printed in oil ink. Inner decal is used for reverse or reverse print applications to glue the back of transparent material such as glass door, glass cabinet, mica in ...
- The mesh decals have a lot of small holes on the front (printed side), the back side is black so it creates an effect like the veil layer (not visible inside). Decal mesh suitable for sticking glass or glass door in the purpose of both decorative and shielding. Mesh decals are also used to decorate laptops, mobile phones ...

With these types of decal prints, no need to say much, we can also understand that the level of use of digital print decal is enormous, everywhere can be used, glued. on any location, material, environment, etc.
Digital print decal technology is very popular because of the advantages and benefits that it brings.

  •     The first thing that people like is that this is a beautiful, aesthetic and quality way of printing that is not too expensive.

  •     The decal can be stretched so that even if you stick it on the curved surface, the corners are fine and then peel off and also glue the glue on the glued surface.

  •     Digital printing easily and quickly produces a printout or a copy in a very short time.

  •     In digital decal printing is much cheaper, especially in cases where it is necessary to change the print content without having to spend too much time setting up printouts as for decal offset printing.

  •     Often people will use digital print decal technique in case of small quantity to save cost.

Decal or in decal is a term currently very popular, especially for businesses, business units want to brand their products, goods, advertising units, Design posters for advertising, printing, glueing, telephone, ...

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